Perfumes LOEWE - First LOEWE Perfumes Store
Perfumes LOEWE - Nuestra primera tienda propia exclusive

LOEWE Perfume’s first-ever dedicated store opened in Nanjing, China, in January 2022.

Blending a passion for Nature’s beauty with the objectivity of science, the space evokes the serene and intriguing atmosphere of a Botanical Archive, inspired by Jonathan Anderson’s CASA LOEWE flagship concept that recreates the intimate feel of an art collector’s home.

In a meticulously organized yet aesthetically inspired setting, the Nanjing store presents the Botanical Rainbow, Home Scents, Paula’s Ibiza and Un Paseo Por Madrid ranges as precious specimens to be freely explored and engaged with.

Greenhouse inspired Pop-Ups

Perfumes LOEWE - LOEWE Greenhouse inspired Pop-Ups

In an on-going program of experiential events, we stage a series of immersive pop-up spaces in key locations across the globe.

Evoking the whimsical, peaceful atmosphere of a traditional A-frame Victorian greenhouse, a selection of our pop-ups take the form of a verdant botanical sanctuary showcasing our fragrances or candles amongst trestle tables and cosy seating areas adorned with flowers, exotic plants and herbs.

Inside this carefully cultivated oasis, a world of LOEWE Perfumes’ nature-inspired fragrance and home products and kaleidoscopic colour is opened up to all visitors.

Perfumes LOEWE - LOEWE Nuestras Pop-Ups inspiradas en invernaderos