Perfumes LOEWE has carried out its operations with a commitment to sustainability, gradually introducing quality and environmental criteria into our activities, in order to enable us to ensure that the work is performed by the different areas of the organisation while taking these factors into consideration.

As part of this commitment, we have established an Integrated Management System, which encompasses the activities performed on our main facilities in Madrid, and which applies to Design, Development, Production & Storage Management, and Selling of Perfumes & Cosmetics.

By adopting this integrated policy, LOEWE Perfumes undertakes to comply with, and to ensure that others comply with the following principles:

To abide by the applicable quality requirements, including good manufacturing practices (GMP)

To abide by the applicable environmental laws and regulations, and with all other obligations that may be imposed, taking additional steps to prevent contamination< and to minimise the potential environmental impact of its operations and supply chain on both natural resources and persons, to the greatest possible extent.

To satisfy the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, assuring the quality of the supplied products

Establishing and reviewing environmental goals and objectives by means of an annual review process to be performed by the organisation’s senior management, performing continuous improvement activities to reduce our environmental footprint, reduce resource consumption, controlling and disposing of dangerous chemicals, and minimising use of materials which are harmful to the environment and to people as part of our environmental management system.

Identifying possible sources of environmental hazards deriving from our activities (and those of parties who work on our behalf), to prevent and repair the impact of these, should they occur.

All employees of Perfumes LOEWE and other parties who work on our behalf are notified of the contents of this policy, which is also available to all interested parties.