Jonathan Anderson

Already established as one of the leading fashion designers of his generation, in 2013 LOEWE’s creative director Jonathan Anderson arrived to start a bold new chapter for the house, taking an intellectual yet playful approach to fashion shaped by vibrant Spanish lifestyle.

Jonathan’s vision now extends to LOEWE Perfumes as an inclusive and eclectic source of emotive olfactory experiences.

Perfumes LOEWE - Jonathan Anderson
Perfumes LOEWE - Nuria Cruelles

Nuria Cruelles

Obsessed with fragrance from her early childhood, Nuria Cruelles is LOEWE’s in-house perfumier, combining creative artistry with acute technical skills and an unusual, natural-born instinct for visualising scent in terms of colour and shape—a ‘sixth sense’ known as synaesthesia.

Nuria works in partnership with Jonathan on every new LOEWE Perfumes scent, from concept to composition and final, colourful flask format.

Karl Blossfeldt

Artist and pioneer of early photography, Karl Blossfeldt, had a meticulous eye for detail and an avant-garde creative approach that makes his imagery the perfect visual expression of each fragrance for our signature, monochrome packaging.

Perfumes LOEWE - Karl Blossfeldt