LOEWE Presents 7 PLATA the new member of LOEWE 7 family.

Discover our Eau de Toilete, a composition of only 7 olfactory notes, among which the Mandarin and the Moroccan Nanah Mint stand out in the top notes, the Red Pepper Berry and the Indian Ginger in the heart notes and the Somali Incense.

Inspired by the 7 values that characterize the LOEWE 7 man.

A man of contrasts that seeks to learn and apprehend every day. A rational person, who nevertheless does not lose sight of his instinct and lets himself go.

Rediscover LOEWE

The new LOEWE campaign, photographed in the iconic natural setting of Tenerife’s south coast, is timeless, different, bold and above all intimate.

Photographed in black and white by the expert hand of Arno Rafael Minkkinen, the bare skin is used as a sensual, timeless and intimate vehicle to perfectly convey the human emotions that are the invisible ingredients of LOEWE fragrances.

LOEWE steps into the role of art curator paying tribute, through the skin and its interpretation by contemporary artists like Arno Rafael Minkkinen, to the natural art of Karl Blossfeldt displayed in the new packagings of our fragrances.


Karl Blossfeldt creates different images through the same reality, nature.
Each one of our fragrances has a unique character and personality.
For this reason we choose a Karl Blossfeldt image for each family.
Discover more about each franchise clicking on the different flowers.

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