Discover LOEWE Perfumes’ new campaign “Botanical Rainbow”

Shot by Tyler Mitchell, the latest LOEWE Perfumes campaign features intimate portraits of individuals interacting with organic elements, crafting emotions through nature. A celebration of individuality, emotion and craft.

Nature’s palette

Each fragrance – while sharing this same elegant bottle shape – expresses its individual personality through a designated shade in a kaleidoscope of colour: a bold rainbow of hues that echoes natures’ own vibrant palette.

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Reflecting life’s myriad moments and moods, perfumes by LOEWE are inspired by nature, uniting highly crafted compositions and botanical ingredients.

A kaleidoscopic repertoire

All LOEWE Perfumes now share the same shape and form, with a block-shaped bottle defined by its singular shade in a diverse array of colours. A single rainbow-shaded multisensorial repertoire that invites you to freely discover your own personal connection with each iconic fragrance.

Best Sellers


Mex$ 2,880.00

Intimate and delicate, LOEWE Aire Eau de Toilette combines notes of lemon, green galbanum and jasmine.

LOEWE Perfumes - LOEWE Agua Mar de Coral

LOEWE Agua Mar de Coral

Mex$ 2,340.00

Aquatic and refreshing, LOEWE Agua Mar de Coral combines notes of tangerine, lily of the valley and grapefruit.

LOEWE Perfumes - LOEWE  001 Woman Eau de Toilette

LOEWE 001 Woman EDT

Mex$ 1,905.00

Fresh and contemporary, LOEWE 001 Woman Eau de Toilette combines notes of musk, linen and pink peony.

LOEWE Perfumes - LOEWE Solo EDT


Mex$ 2,340.00

Singular and robust, a fragrance composed of over 200 elements including red pepper berries, basil and tarragon.