Botanical Rainbow

Shot by Tyler Mitchell, the latest LOEWE Perfumes campaign features intimate portraits of individuals interacting with organic elements, crafting emotions through nature. A celebration of individuality, emotion and craft.
A kaleidoscopic synthesis of botanical art and human nature.

Introducing LOEWE 7 Cobalt

Sophisticated and intense, LOEWE 7 Cobalt is the latest addition to the LOEWE 7 family.
Encapsulated in a semi-opaque glass flask in a metallic shade of cobalt blue, this fragrance combines notes of incense, tonka bean and sage.

Home Scents

Our first collection of home scents by Jonathan Anderson and in-house perfumier Nuria Cruelles to evoke the earthly delights of a vegetable garden.

Limited stocks available now.

Gift with Purchase Home Scents


With every purchase from our Home Scents range, choose, as a gift, one of our exclusive scented ceramics.


Rediscover LOEWE

Karl Blossfeldt creates different images through the same reality, nature.

Each one of our fragrances has a unique character and personality.

For this reason we choose a Karl Blossfeldt image for each family.