Botanical Rainbow

LOEWE Perfumes have come together to create a botanical rainbow. The eight iconic fragrance families are now united by a single flask design and every scent expresses its individual spirit through a singular shade from a botanical rainbow of colour.

Nature’s palette

Each fragrance – while sharing this same elegant bottle shape – expresses its individual personality through a designated shade in a kaleidoscope of colour: a bold rainbow of hues that echoes natures’ own vibrant palette.

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Reflecting life’s myriad moments and moods, perfumes by LOEWE are inspired by nature, uniting highly crafted compositions and botanical ingredients.

A kaleidoscopic repertoire

All LOEWE Perfumes now share the same shape and form, with a block-shaped bottle defined by its singular shade in a diverse array of colours. A single rainbow-shaded multisensorial repertoire that invites you to freely discover your own personal connection with each iconic fragrance.